PCI Compliance

Critical Security Gaps in Web Browsers Create Significant Risks

Does your company process credit card information via a browser? Data loss from theft or leaks, malware, man-in-the-browser attacks, and other risks to browser-delivered information have led to the development of a wide range of security products and practices to achieve PCI compliance. Even if you believe your organization is compliant, critical security gaps remain in the current standard technologies used to meet the requirements.

If you’re using a web-based processing or payment application, any credit card processing conducted in the web browser leaves the data at risk. Man-in-the-browser malware and keystroke loggers can capture card numbers, account credentials, and other personally identifiable information. Screen capturing malware can record transaction details. Sensitive data can remain in the browser cache unencrypted, where it can easily be extracted by malware or end users.

Quarri helps you protect critical data and achieve PCI compliance.

Quarri Perimeter Shield offers an easy-to-deploy solution that allows you to control and protect users’ browser session content from theft or data leakage by malware. Perimeter Shield provides zero-day malware defense against keystroke loggers, screen capturers, cache miners, and other types of attacks. All browser session data is encrypted and digitally shredded when the session ends. Our solutions help you:

  • Secure and control browser sessions
  • Manage and encrypt cached and temporary files
  • Prevent accidental storage of card information
  • Deliver compensating controls when antivirus updates fail
  • Provide and demonstrate application-level security
  • Shield credit card information and other PII from malware

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