Online Banking Security

76% of banks detect fraud only after it impacts customers – and the bottom line.

Building customer trust is one of the biggest challenges banks face today. The recent financial crisis and subsequent loss of consumer confidence has left banks scrambling to attract and maintain customer relationships. A single security breach can quickly undo these efforts and drive away customers who are already worried about their financial security.

Online banking services are one of the biggest targets for data theft. Even if you’ve established network and application firewalls and use TLS for network connections, you still need to secure data where it’s most vulnerable: at the client. You need the ability to deliver on-demand protection from malware threats such as Zeus and the SilentBanker Trojan, which silently directs fund transfer requests to a hacker’s account and rewrites confirmation messages, so the user has no idea the funds were stolen.

Quarri delivers convenient online banking security to any PC browser.

Quarri Perimeter Shield helps prevent data loss on the client side by providing easy and effective browser information security that doesn’t require you to manage a bulky software package on every customer desktop. With Quarri, you can:

  • Deploy temporary information security to any browser, on any network, within seconds.
  • Protect against malware such as key loggers, Trojans, botnets and other attacks.
  • Encrypt session data such as cache, cookies, passwords, and history, and securely delete it all when the browser session is complete.
  • Block zero-day malware attacks and eliminate hostile or unauthorized browser plug-ins.
  • Maintain compliance with PCI DSS and other regulations.

Read the 2012 Online Banking Security Test from the Malware Research Group. >> 

Quarri Perimeter Shield is the only on-demand solution that passed all of their malware tests.