Intellectual Property Protection

How can you prevent users from copying, saving and distributing files containing your intellectual property?

In many organizations, it’s astonishingly easy for authorized users to copy protected data onto a flash drive or send it to other users through a webmail account. Highly publicized Wikileaks incidents demonstrated exactly why businesses and government entities need better protection against insider threats. While data center security solutions offer significant protection against server-side and in-transit data breaches, these solutions do not provide the same level of data security at the endpoint.

In industries such as pharmaceutical, manufacturing, market research, sports, and entertainment, revenue increasingly comes from web-based sales channels. Protecting your IP depends on curbing unauthorized redistribution of digital products such as music files, market research, copyrighted images and more. While DLP or DRM solutions provide effective security for your corporate-owned desktops, you still need to prevent data leaks from users who access information through shared or public systems, as well as contractors, partners, and employees using personal computers.

Quarri helps ensure IP protection by enabling administrators to:

  • Prevent user-driven activities such as copying, printing, or saving sensitive information, including from browser-launched document viewers like Adobe Reader or Microsoft Office.
  • Protect against compromise of disk-based web session artifacts by encrypting session data such as cache, cookies, passwords, and history, and securely delete it all when the browser session is complete.
  • Centrally log users’ browser-related data duplication actions, including copying, saving, and printing, to meet auditing requirements.
  • Force a browser to close if no activity occurs during a specified period or after a maximum time limit.

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