Quarri Solutions

Quarri understands that web based security concerns vary drastically depending on a variety of factors from browser location to specific industries. Quarri has developed and deployed multiple solutions designed to focus on those issues and concerns regardless of how specific they are. Here a few examples:

Online Banking Security

Building customer trust is one of the biggest challenges banks face today. The recent financial crisis and subsequent loss of consumer confidence has left banks scrambling to attract and maintain customer relationships. A single security breach can quickly undo these efforts and drive away customers who are already worried about their financial security.

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PCI Compliance

Does your company process credit card information via a browser? Data loss from theft or leaks, malware, man-in-the-browser attacks, and other risks to browser-delivered information have led to the development of a wide range of security products and practices to achieve PCI compliance. Even if you believe your organization is compliant, critical security gaps remain in the current standard technologies used to meet the requirements.

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Cloud Application Security

More companies are turning to cloud computing to help reduce costs, increase workforce mobility and make better use of existing staff. Despite these advantages, a big question remains: how do you ensure the security of cloud data and applications?

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Intellectual Property Protection

In many organizations, it’s astonishingly easy for authorized users to copy protected data onto a flash drive or send it to other users through a webmail account. Highly publicized Wikileaks incidents demonstrated exactly why businesses and government entities need better protection against insider threats. While data center security solutions offer significant protection against server-side and in-transit data breaches, these solutions do not provide the same level of data security at the endpoint.

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Sharepoint Security

Web browsers have become the primary interface for accessing information that drives business activity. Microsoft SharePoint often provides the structure for sharing this information. According to Microsoft, 67% of their enterprise customers have deployed SharePoint within their organization. SharePoint makes it easy to set up websites to share information, and organizations are embracing its collaborative nature…

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Enterprise SAAS Security

Driven by a variety of business needs, enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications have become commonplace. Salesforce.com, an industry leader in customer relationship management, has more than 150,000 enterprises subscribed to its SaaS application. Enterprise SaaS services include a broad range of business applications that incorporate sensitive data, including proprietary corporate data which may be subject to various compliance regulations (e.g., personal health information (PHI) or personally identifiable information (PII)).

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