Quarri MyPOQ

A Secure Web Browser for Windows, iOS and Android devices

MyPOQ ScreenshotMyPOQ is a simple, free, hosted secure web browser from Quarri that improves your security and privacy while online. MyPOQ delivers a secure browser to keep unauthorized users and applications from stealing information from your web session while using any Windows, iOS or Android device.

After a one-time registration, MyPOQ can be used anytime, anywhere. You simply sign in to the MyPOQ site, and we deliver a secure browser to you on-the-fly, making it an ideal solution for any endpoint device, including your home computer, office laptop, iPad or even a kiosk at an airport lounge or hotel business center. You can use it to protect your online transactions and web browsing from keyloggers, cache miners and other malware.

MyPOQ offers anti-malware and data leakage prevention (DLP) configurations.

Anti-Malware features include:

  • Key Logger Defense – Prevents unauthorized applications from capturing keystroke data, such as account credentials
  • Screen Capture Defense – Prevents unauthorized applications from capturing screen shots or recording a web session
  • Browser Process Isolation – Blocks hostile code injection attacks such as man-in-the-browser, as well as potentially hostile browser add-ons and plugins from launching
  • SSL Certificate Defenses – Mitigates MITM / hostile proxying of secured connections by blocking connections using invalid SSL certificates
  • Browser Privacy – Real-time encryption for browser cache files, cookies, password store and history
  • Secure Cleanup – All session data deleted at end of session

DLP includes all of the anti-malware features, plus:

  • Information Controls – User activities, such as copying, printing and local saving, are prevented in all protected windows, including browser-launched processes such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat