Data Safe™

Web Browsers: Your New Security Perimeter

The increase in enterprise web applications, cloud computing, SaaS and BYOD means web browsers have become the primary interface for accessing information that drives business activity. The result is highly sensitive data such as intellectual property and regulated content like customer data is often landing on devices outside the network security perimeter and on unmanaged devices. Data loss from theft, denial-of-service attacks, man-in-the-browser attacks, and other risks to browser-delivered information have led to the development of a wide range of security products and practices. Because data center security solutions and SSL/TLS protect against compromise on the server and on the wire, the greatest security challenge for many organizations is that they have no visibility into or control over data delivered to the browser. This creates significant risks around the compromise of sensitive information, via data stealing malware or careless or malicious user actions.

End users can print, save, or copy sensitive information. Hackers and sophisticated malware can compromise web sessions after the data has been decrypted, steal login credentials as they are entered, transparently redirect users to hostile sites, and mine the browser cache for cleartext session content. Even data delivered on an SSL/TLS connection remains unencrypted in browsers’ cache after the session has ended.

Data Safe: Contain Your Data, Even When You Can’t Contain Your Users

Quarri Data Safe is the only comprehensive solution that enables web applications to control and protect browser-delivered information on managed and unmanaged endpoints. Data Safe runs a secure browser on users’ endpoints when they attempt to access Data Safe-protected web applications, giving administrators unprecedented visibility into, and control over, what users do with information delivered to that browser. The secure browser also has extensive malware defense features, blocking hidden key loggers, screen capturers, session hijackers, and other advanced malware from accessing or affecting the protected browser or associated document viewers.

Data Safe currently supports Windows, Android, and iOS endpoints, and will support Mac OS X endpoints in mid-2014. Data Safe was formerly known as Protect On Q Anti-Malware and Data Loss Prevention.

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