Armored Browser™

Surfing with Sharks

End user web surfing is a fact of life for most IT security administrators. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the primary vectors used by modern malware to infect users’ systems. Drive-by downloads leverage weaknesses in browsers and browser add-ons to silently install malware on endpoints, even without a user clicking on anything. Attackers sometimes host drive-by downloads on legitimate websites, using vulnerabilities in the site to post their malicious code.

This situation leaves IT administrators with a dilemma: Allow unfettered web access and deal with the inevitable infections it permits, or restrict web surfing and deal with dissatisfied end users. Now they have a third choice.

Quarri Armored Browser: You Work, Malware Doesn’t

Quarri Armored Browser is the only comprehensive solution that protects Windows systems from drive-by downloads and other web-borne malware attacks, on both managed and unmanaged endpoints. Armored Browser runs a temporary, security-enhanced browser instance when a user visits an untrusted site from inside an organization’s network. Thanks to Armored Browser’s advanced bidirectional process isolation, even attacks using undisclosed zero-day browser vulnerabilities are quarantined within the temporary browser instance and prevented from affecting the rest of the system. At the end of the session, Armored Browser disposes of this temporary browser instance, taking with it all traces from the session. Armored Browser gives security-minded IT administrators the ability to open up the web to employees, without opening up their organization to malware.

  • Protects endpoints from being infected by malicious web sites
  • Contains drive-by attacks using zero day exploits
  • Prevents users from pasting or uploading data into untrusted web sites
  • Can be enforced at the network gateway
  • Can be launched on demand with no installs or administrator privileges required

Quarri Armored Browser supports all versions of Windows, from XP to 8.1.

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