Quarri Products

Quarri provides security solutions that enable IT organizations to protect sensitive browser sessions from compromise by malware and careless or malicious users. Organizations can use Quarri’s products alongside other security technologies to deliver and enforce the use of a hardened browser, which provides unprecedented endpoint security, control and visibility for sensitive web sessions.


Perimeter Shield™

Quarri Perimeter Shield enables web applications to instantly protect browser-delivered information from hidden malware and network-based attacks on both managed and unmanaged endpoints. Using patented technology, the hardened browser shields sensitive data from key loggers, frame grabbers, session hijacking, cache miners and other hidden malware.

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Data Safe™

Quarri Data Safe enables web applications to protect and control browser-delivered information preventing both malware-based and user-driven information leaks, on both managed and unmanaged endpoints. Granular policies enable control of user actions such as saving, printing, or copying of information in the hardened browser, and detailed logging of data replication operations.

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Armored Browser™

Quarri Armored Browser protects Windows systems from drive-by downloads and other web-borne malware attacks, both on managed and unmanaged endpoints. Using advanced bidirectional process isolation, Armored Browser prevents even zero-day attacks from infecting protected systems.

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