Quarri Clients

quarri_client_logo_whitingWhiting & Partners

Whiting & Partners deployed Quarri POQ to provide its distributed employees with flexible, secure access to corporate web applications, including Outlook Web Access and Virtual Desktop Access, from a home or customer device. Quarri safeguards their corporate and financial data from malware and unauthorized use and replication. Read the Whiting & Partners case study.

quarri_client_logo_movewithusMove With Us

Move With Us deployed Quarri POQ to help achieve PCI DSS compliance by securing credit card data in their call center web payment application. POQ not only ensures the security of customers’ information but also gives them control and protection of users’ browser session content. Delivered on demand, there is no client download, making it very simple and very effective. Read the Move With Us case study.

quarri_client_logo_usiUS Infrastructure

US Infrastructure deployed Quarri POQ to maintain control of sensitive documents accessed through its website, protecting them from external attacks—including zero-hour malware threats—as well as unauthorized use and replication. Read the US Infrastructure case study.

quarri_client_logo_fisherFisher Accounting & Taxation Services Ltd

Fisher Accounting & Taxation Services Ltd deployed Quarri POQ to ensure its sensitive client financial information could not be printed, saved, copied or emailed unless there was an absolute and justifiable need to do so. The firm also wanted to increase the security of its web-based financial transactions with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and corporate banking websites to protect confidential information and user passwords from hackers and malicious software. Read the Fisher Accounting & Taxation Services Ltd case study.