Quarri Perimeter Shield™

You Work, Malware Doesn’t
Protects browser-delivered information from hidden malware and network-based attacks on managed and unmanaged endpoints. Defeats keystroke loggers, frame grabbers, session hijacking, cache miners and other hidden malware, including zero-day attacks.
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Quarri Data Safe™

Protect Your Data to the Edge
Controls and protects browser-delivered information on managed and unmanaged endpoints, preventing both malware-based and user-driven information leaks, and provides detailed logging of authorized data replication.
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Quarri Armored Browser™

Lock Down Your Data, Not Your Users
Protects Windows systems from drive-by downloads and other web-borne malware attacks, both on managed and unmanaged endpoints. Using advanced bidirectional process isolation, prevents even zero-day attacks from infecting protected systems.
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